Global, Reliable, High Data-Rate Communications for Ground Users

Learn about how FlexGround takes the guesswork out of determining whether bandwidth will be available where and when you need it, leaving your teams free to work on their mission critical tasks.

The Promise of Multi-Cloud

Many government organizations that have migrated workloads to the cloud are eager to continue the journey toward greater efficiency, agility and cost savings. Yet the way forward isn’t always clear. To begin, increase visibility by understanding the resources you have and how you are using them – insights that will move you in the right direction and away from potential setbacks.

Intelligence at the Speed of Conflict

US ground forces handle massive amounts of information and data while working under unpredictable conditions. These conditions don’t always allow military intelligence analysts access to a technologically reliable way to share information. They must overcome both enterprise communication challenges, which force them to operate, at times, with little to no access to data, and information overload when connections are available. They must also find ways to deal effectively with the complexity associated with the wide variety of evolving data sources.

Break the Barriers of Inflight Connectivity for Government Aircraft

High-quality, uninterrupted connectivity is a requirement for government aircraft. Download this ebook from Intelsat General to learn how FlexAir overcomes common challenges to delivering the reliable in-air connectivity your government agency demands.

Increase military asset readiness with a powerful combination of cognitive technologies

Readiness — the US military’s ability to perform its required missions everywhere, all the time — is shaped by many factors. In addition to the abilities and well-being of military personnel, readiness includes the availability, uptime and performance of military equipment. In turn, readily available equipment saves time, money and lives

Investigative Analysis in Law Enforcement - i2

Unlike popular TV crime shows, discovering clues for complex crime rings takes a lot more time than an hour. Investigative analysis is a detailed tradecraft where the clues to advancing investigations and solving crimes often span numerous sources of information in multiple locations.

Why Commercial Satcom Technology should be Leveraged for the Military

If the average American can make a cell phone call without worrying about whether the provider has enough bandwidth, shouldn't the nation's warfighters receive the same? There is no reason why they shouldn't. According to Peterman, president of Government Systems at communication satellite provider Viasat, "The service the Defense Department provides to soldiers should be exactly like their cell phone service: high-quality, dependable and available anywhere at any time with continually expanding speed and capacity to meet next-generation technologies."

Intelsat Epic: Realizing Resilient Tactical Networks with Maximum Government Control on an Open Architecture High-Throughput Satellite

Global, high-performance connectivity is essential for military satellite communications, and high-throughput satellite (HTS) technology is ideally suited for many government applications.