Virtual Event: IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit - Special Hybrid Cloud Edition

The IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit is designed for leaders and change makers working to apply the power of cloud and AI technologies to the unique needs of government agencies. At this free online conference, engage with government and industry experts who share their lessons learned on topics ranging from digital government leadership to application modernization and getting more value from your data.

Virtual Event: How Virginia gets flexibility and innovation with hybrid cloud

Agencies at all levels in the Commonwealth of Virginia are undergoing tremendous change. The complexity of managing multiple clouds and data centers, and fragile legacy applications create opportunities and challenges to modernizing IT and improving resiliency.

Virtual Event: Leading digital transformation through the next evolution of cloud

Government leaders are managing and leading agencies through big technology shifts: from proprietary to open platforms, analytics to AI, and from single to multiple clouds vendors. The opportunity to advance missions, increase security and create impact for stakeholders within this shift is significant, but agencies can travel only as fast as as their people and processes let them.

Intelligence at the Speed of Conflict

US ground forces handle massive amounts of information and data while working under unpredictable conditions. These conditions don’t always allow military intelligence analysts access to a technologically reliable way to share information. They must overcome both enterprise communication challenges, which force them to operate, at times, with little to no access to data, and information overload when connections are available. They must also find ways to deal effectively with the complexity associated with the wide variety of evolving data sources.

Increase military asset readiness with a powerful combination of cognitive technologies

Readiness — the US military’s ability to perform its required missions everywhere, all the time — is shaped by many factors. In addition to the abilities and well-being of military personnel, readiness includes the availability, uptime and performance of military equipment. In turn, readily available equipment saves time, money and lives

Virtual Event: Lessons in data-driven innovation from one of the world's largest medical supply chains

Too often technological silos keep us from leveraging data to address public challenges. Working with USAID, PEPFAR, and the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative, Chemonics and IBM are enhancing data visibility to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a global health supply chain used to procure and deliver lifesaving medicines and health commodities around the world. In a panel discussion filled with lessons applicable to government leaders at any level, hear how the right business processes, analytics, and cloud solutions have played a key role in ensuring these essential health commodities reach people in more than 60 countries around the world.

Spotting the Red Flags You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks® or a Homegrown ERP

What are the top indicators that the complexities of your contracting work and the solutions used to manage them have become mismatched? Discover the reasons why enterprise resource planning (ERP) options can heighten functionality for your business.

Red Hat Automated Security and Compliance

As networks and infrastructures grow and become more complex, automation is needed to ensure that deployments and distributed architectures are secure, compliant, and performing as expected.