On Demand

The Automated Help Desk of Tomorrow, Today

Have you ever spent an hour on the phone waiting for help with a technical issue? Multiply that experience by hundreds or thousands of employees and the impact of help desk inefficiency across federal agencies becomes clear. During this webinar, our experts will demonstrate how through sophisticated automation, agencies can dramatically increase user productivity, while lowering expenses and frustration associated with their IT help desks. It’s the automated help desk of tomorrow, today.

On Demand Video: AI Gets Marines Home on Time

IBM is working with the Marines to apply AI to unit readiness, streamlining the process of sending military personnel around the world. In this video, a special friend named Watson helps a little girl’s Marine dad get home from deployment.

Today’s Tech Refresh: Preparing for the Cloud of Tomorrow

It’s no secret that maintaining legacy infrastructure can be costly. Outdated data center technology leads to lagging performance, inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities—putting agencies at increased risk. Cloud computing is an ideal option for quickly modernizing your IT enterprise, but what if you’re not ready to go “all in”? During this webinar, our experts will cover straightforward strategies your agency can employ today to drive efficiencies and lower costs, while also preparing for your next step to the cloud when the time is right.

How can OpenShift Facilitate Digital Transformation?

By integrating information technology across enterprises, through the process of digital transformation, federal agencies seek to deliver on their missions with greater efficiency and effectiveness. A proven way to make that transition is through the use of containerization, an elegant solution that provides the benefits of virtual machines with a smaller footprint and more flexibility.

Duration: 1 HR

NextGen Hyperconvergence: From the Data Center to the Tactical Edge

Next-generation hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology offers military organizations the option of modernizing their IT infrastructures in a modular approach with enterprise-ready performance that can support any mix of workloads. During this webcast, you’ll hear how modern military organizations are realizing the myriad benefits of Next-Gen HCI to achieve: actionable intelligence at the tactical edge; accelerated performance and reduced footprint for better TCO; policy-based Quality of Service for granular IT management; agile datacenter deployments anywhere they’re needed.

The Future of Federal Manufacturing: Innovation for Mission Success

Technology continues to accelerate and disrupt design and manufacturing in the federal sector. It’s not just a matter of improving quality or reducing costs. Recent advances are radically transforming the way things are designed, made, and used, providing agencies with the opportunity to embrace innovation and adapt to evolving mission requirements.

Duration: 1 hr

Outthink Threats with Open Source Intelligence

Today's criminals, terrorists and threat actors use a variety of means to execute their threats, often leaving a hidden trail of insights behind them. By analyzing a variety of data sets, like open source data, intelligence agencies and analysts can uncover those critical insights and use them to detect and disrupt threats. Social media, news sources, dark web data, and open source data often holds the proverbial needle in the haystack that can be the key to identifying criminal or terrorist networks and critical intelligence about their plans.

Duration: 1 hr

Taking Control of Your Data

Years of explosive data growth have created an unstructured data nightmare for organizations across the DOD community. Data growth is predicted to be at 40 percent a year for at least the next decade. This data will be scattered across private, hybrid and public cloud architectures, making it difficult to access, manage and secure. The reality is addressing today’s data deluge takes more than storage capacity. Rather, DOD organizations must find a way to identify and protect their most critical information while also eliminating information that lacks value. In this webcast, Col. Linda Jantzen, Acting Director, Army Architecture Integration Center and the Army's Chief Data Officer, will discuss the service’s forthcoming data strategy and its potential applications.

Storing and Managing Data in the Age of Data Deluge

Data is exploding exponentially. Nobody knows that better than the defense and intelligence community. Along with an ever increasing time frame requirement for data retention, ISR systems today have multiple platforms hosting multiple sensors generating and collecting data with ever increasing resolution and richness. Such growth requires a new and innovative approach to data storage, one that bridges the gap between active performance and archival costs.

The DOD Workforce: Leveraging the Mobile Advantage

Without a doubt, mobility has become a critical component of the defense workforce. Organizations are looking to leverage the latest generation of mobile technology to provide their employees with ready access to the information and applications they need to do their jobs. But mobile initiatives must be undertaken with an eye towards privacy, security and performance. This is especially the case when employees are using the same device to access both professional and personal resources. In this webcast, Dr. Ray Letteer, Chief of the Cyber Security Division at the U.S. Marine Corps, will discuss how defense organizations can address these issues.