GameChanger: Insider Threats

Cyberthreats of all types are more difficult to detect than ever before, thanks to more efficient and intelligent malicious software, increased use of mobile devices, the volume of network activity and the explosion of cloud computing. At the same time, cybercriminals are becoming more clever, using everything from remote access software, e-mail and instant messaging to removable devices and peer-to-peer networks. Download this GameChanger to get a behind the scenes look at the mitigation and detection of insider threats.

Securing the Government Infrastructure: Access Without Compromise

This new brief will take a closer looks at today’s security landscape, including the top considerations to ensure you are reducing attack surfaces wherever possible—especially as the government workforce becomes increasingly more mobile.

Transformational Technology: Advances in Training Technology

Well-trained troops win wars. The U.S. military invests heavily in training on military bases and on training ranges. Military personnel must be able to monitor and assess exercises to evaluate performance and ensure the safety of U.S. troops. The military faces a continuing challenge delivering high-performance, fiber-optic connectivity to firing ranges, proving grounds and missile ranges, some of which cover vast tracts of land in remote areas. Download this insightful report to learn how advances in training will enhance performance for the military, creating a new era of command and control.

Transformational Technology: IT-as-a-Service

Outside DOD, many agencies are exploring how cloud computing and virtualization technology can help them achieve operational efficiencies and extend the reach of their infrastructure. Download this report to learn more on IT-as-a-Service, including the future of defense IT.

Cyber Attacks on Government: How APT Attacks are Compromising Federal Agencies and How to Stop Them

Every day, thousands of highly coordinated and sophisticated attacks target government organizations and many succeed. Download this whitepaper to learn how to detect and stop web and email-based attacks, how to gain a cohesive view of major threat vectors and how to produce complete cyber forensic details for all stages of an attack.

The Podium: Cybersecurity

If you view the federal government as one ecosystem, a single weak link could allow an intruder to gain unauthorized access to information. For this reason, all government organizations should take advantage of all the security services and policies at their disposal. Download this expert Q&A to learn the overall importance of cyber defense in government organizations, including the range of defenses agencies must deploy to stay secure.

DoD Best Practices for Implementing a Mobile, Multi-Device Environment

As defense organizations adapt new and innovative technologies to support the warfighter, the way they operate must also quickly adapt to maintain efficiency and maximize agility. This new whitepaper will provide insight on best practices when migrating to a mobile, multi-device environment.

How VDI Secures the Network

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) helps address three tough security challenges for network and information security experts: BYOD, multilevel security and disaster recovery / business continuity.