Increase military asset readiness with a powerful combination of cognitive technologies

Readiness—the US military’s ability to perform its required missions everywhere, all the time—is shaped by many factors. Among them are the ability and wellbeing of military personnel, and the availability and performance of military equipment. These elements depend on procurement cycles, sustainment resources and supply chain risk management. In turn, readily available equipment saves time, money and lives.

Defense/Intelligence Agencies - Viable Assets

Most cyberattacks exploit well-known vulnerabilities lurking in software and hardware that have reached end-of-support or end-of-life. If you don’t know what’s on your network, you have no idea how vulnerable you are.

Cloud and Automation Support DOD’s Enterprise Approach to IT

The Department of Defense, (DOD) faces numerous challenges. Among them are increased cybersecurity threats, demands for more bandwidth and better connectivity, and a cumbersome IT acquisition process. The DOD is turning to agile acquisition, cloud computing, automation, and other technologies and approaches to improve how it manages and secures its systems to better deliver services.

VMware Horizon

The responsibility of desktop management can weigh heavily on IT departments. Using traditional methods, updates, tests, and patching must be executed manually on each machine, taking time and resources from IT specialists. VMware Horizon is a desktop virtualization solution that centralizes management and security and frees IT staff to focus on more impactful objectives. VMware Horizon securely delivers and manages Windows or Linux desktops, applications, and online services to end users through a digital workspace across virtual data centers, virtual machines, and physical devices.

VMware NSX

Modern IT departments are under immense pressure to deliver technology services at the speed of business. Without the support of the right virtualization solutions, making IT an enabler of business can be a major challenge. Today, the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) makes these objectives possible, and has become critical to information technology. VMware NSX is the software-defined networking solution that brings enterprises the power to virtualize, pool, and deliver infrastructure on demand, bringing exceptional speed, agility, and security to IT. Federal agencies can expect improved economics, flexibility, and the freedom of choice.

Security in the Commercial Cloud: Better Than Ever

Defense agencies are getting more comfortable using commercial cloud infrastructures to store unclassified data. This is partly because of stringent certifications and requirements for cloud providers the federal government has put in place. Leading cloud providers now have the technology and infrastructure to securely protect commercial cloud workloads. With this increased level of comfort and capability, defense agencies can now work with data in ways they have never been able to before because of limited power and resources.

Use Data to Drive Better Decisions

Using a browser-based platform to collect an agency’s enterprise data in one place and providing a seamless view of that information to agency executives is critical for comprehensive agency management and better decision-making. Agency executives have to see everything from the organization’s Enterprise Architecture to IT Portfolio Management in order to enable business transformation at the speed of the agency’s mission. This whitepaper will explain how using a browser-based platform like InQuisient puts users in control, providing advanced visualization for real-time health assessments and decision-making.

Improve Agency Portfolio Management

Federal agencies are acquiring more technology and different types of technology than ever before. IT Portfolio Management rapidly becomes an issue when managing new IT projects, and integrating them with existing systems. Are you looking to improve IT Portfolio Management within your organization? Download this whitepaper for strategies to get a better handle on IT projects, including how tools like InQuisient's IQ Portfolio Insight can help you monitor and manage data across federated organizations and systems, allowing you to deliver trusted, up-to-date information for your decision-makers. Thousands of users across federal agencies, including the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, already use InQuisient to manage billions of dollars in single instances.